Have you ever dreamed of everlasting ultimate and passionate love in your life? A partner with whom you want to share the rest of your life. One you adore, trust, are proud of, grow with, have fun with, cry with, and unconditionally love to the moon and back? I know I have. You might believe this is not possible in real life; it only exists in dreams, fairy tales, romantic novels, and movies.

A personal (non-business) partnership is maybe the ultimate relationship category, and many people long for a life companion, a lover with whom they can grow old. Is that only the dream of a young adult, or does that longing remain for a lifetime? Maybe you do right now while reading this.

That longing can be there in these fast-changing times with more personal detachment than ever. But people are more demanding, less quickly satisfied, have a shorter commitment span, and there is, of course, THE (DEVILISH) LIST. The merciless checklist a new partner has to meet. The box-ticking syndrome.

The mystery of the emergence of a potentially stable partnership is not only found in romance but much more in a successful match of personalities. And a high degree of deep love, of course.

Talking about characters, each individual may have expectations and beliefs about the future. Still, their experiences in the past and even their parents' past are vital factors in a successful match, not only in new partnerships but especially in existing ones. The thing is that when you focus only on the future demands, the past remains neglected; thus, the seed of failure develops.

A Partnership is not solely about what to expect from the other. It is to learn about your own beliefs and expectations. It is, above all, to know and understand your partner's expectations and her or his beliefs about a long-lasting, passionate and loving togetherness. It does not take an extensive self-examination to discover what known or unknown obstacles are hindering you on your way to a new or refreshed existing happy, and loving partnership for life.

Easier is it to use The Unique Life's Creator's new Questionnaire ~ Partnership.

It unveils insights into how your experiences during your life so far. These insights become the backbone of a new impressive YOU, a new partner's confident and attractive travel companion for a life full of love and stability.

Maybe your self-examination is easy, and you can find your way; OK. Maybe your partnership is already passionate, great, happy, loving, and life-lasting, all the better.

Are you single, though, and want to find a new future, or are you unhappy, bored in your present partnership, or a superficial or volatile partnership and want to get out of it? Then it's time for a change right now!

Understand that only changes for the better start with the action you take and your commitment to breaking out of your unhappy, unsatisfying partnership. Do realise that you are not alone and have the power to find, develop and transform into your ultimate partnership.

As an experienced guide and mentor, I am here for you and accompany you on that path and offer you tailored assistance in reaching your goal.

Questionnaire ~ Partnership  

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Let Your insights into your present and or past relationship experiences become the backbone of a new inpressive You! Find out how! 

You receive a free informative questionnaire about partnership topics; with explanatory notes. If you find topics interesting to you, scroll down this page to find out more about my Extraordinary Partnership Plan. 

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Partnership Check Plan

Understanding your qualities as a partner in a romantic partnership and its possible success or failure, first of all, you have to know yourself.

Looking back (as far back as your childhood) and looking forward from your perspective as a partner through my Partnership Questionnaire is a self-guided tour, exploring within yourself an array of partnership matters to raise awareness. It’ll help you enhance your partnership qualities and become an attractive and self-confident partner. 

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