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I’m Nelleke Scholten, I’m The Unique Life Creator. Ready to be your Guide or Mentor to thaw your life and get things moving forward for you. Energetically, quickly and effectively. With a successful approach founded on my studies of Ayurveda and NLP and enhanced by years of experience. What could my professional support mean for you? Check it out now.

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From sometimes to often or periodically all of the time, life manifests itself as a nasty bully who makes your existence miserable and tries to bring you to your knees. At least, that's how you experience it.

Life can be war in its many appearances, ruthless, relentless and uninhibited. It continuously forces you to a fight when you don't want to be bothered. You want to be left alone and live a carefree life. If you don't respond to the challenge with which life troubles you, you perpetuate misery for yourself.

I know, you are tired, exhausted even; setbacks don't seem to end; you feel alone; you can't see light at the end of the tunnel; darkness all around you.

But if you don't fight back, you sell yourself short by getting knocked out at some point. Why should you let that happen? Don't lose yourself!

Time to enter smart self-governance, boo back to the bully and take the bundle of life's reins into your own hands.



Bear in mind one thing. Sadly, life can hit you hard. In such a way, even personal governance seems to lose out to the heaviness of what happens to you. What's left is coping, trying to make the best of it under the circumstances. That too is a matter of personal governance.

When Life Messes With You, Are You Resilient?

Are You Prepared?

Ready To Respond Forcefully?

Come Out Unscathed?

End Up In Control?

Given the seriousness of anticipating and overcoming life's setbacks, it is highly recommended to call in a mentor, an experienced and professional trusted confidant, to help boost your governance qualities more quickly and effectively and to keep you alert. 

In teaming up with a mentor lies the success of your mental rebirth and new resilience. Spirit and state of mind are areas where a mentor excels.

Are you interested in becoming more firmly in charge of your life? 

The Unique Life Creator's© affordable introductory On-Demand Webinar "High-Performance Personal Governance - HPPG, The Mind-Opener" is your ultimate choice. It is a five-tier model for smartly mastering life.

The concept of The Unique Life Creator:   

Self-enhancement by Knowledge, Insights, and Guidance.

The Unique Life Creator

Personal Consultancy

Much you can do yourself to change your circumstances and your destination. How nice would it be to join forces with an experienced Mentor and Guide. Check the page for more.


Life enhancements find its roots in wisdom, knowledge and insights trough webinars, masterclasses, books, online training, Orange Papers and much more.                                 



Stress reduction is part of talent loss and absenteeism. To keep employees healthy is a prime objective. What is the secret weapon to keep the work force available? Let's talk business.

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There is so much to share. A specific informative section for you to find treasures of knowledge, views, wisdom and experiences. Specialties: Stress can be measured. Check it out.


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How to overcome unhappy stress caused by a bad relationship?

One of the things that could cause unhappy stress in life is being in a bad, dead, or sleeping relationship or having none while you long for one. Want to learn more? Click the button below. 

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What they say about the book 'Unique Life Creator' 

Sammy Blindell 

CEO & Brand Brain-Brand Builders Club, Ripple Maker and more.


I wish I had read this book before I ended up in hospital burned out. As I read each page here, my eyes were opened to the strategies I could have used back then, had I known what to do. It really is a tremendous read, full of great insights. I highly recommend this book to be read by every human on the planet.  

Norman Graeter

Keynote Speaker, European Champion in Public Speaking, Inspirator. 


A mix of proven science, psychological strategies and selfrealisation tools that do the job. With Unique Life Creator Nelleke brings an unique mix of NLP and Ayurveda together into one book. Nelleke's book will provide you with all the necessary tools to start your journey to a better life.

Peggylee Hanson  

Author - Publisher 


This book blew me away from the beginning. What I appreciated most about Mrs. Scholten's work is the dedication to me as the reader, the person to whom she is speaking, pulling me into her wisdom.  A must read if you are looking for a way to bring ease into your daily regime.     

About us

I am Nelleke Scholten, owner of The Unique Life Creator, Amersfoort, The Netherlands. 

I offer services as a trusted confidant, mentor, guide, coach, trainer, author, and educator. Letting clients obtain insights about their personality, passion, purpose, position, and possibilities in life. Guiding clients through life challenges, and transitions, letting them discover and explore new life destinations.  


MissionEveryone deserves to be happy! My mission is to enhance the individual's vitality, authenticity, ambition and life navigation, such that theBigSmile emerges.

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After a long meeting in a cold building hut of a project nearby, Harry comes home just after lunchtime. His warming up in de car wasn’t that great due to the short distance. He steps out of his car and crosses his driveway under a foul gusting freezing North-East wind. The outside temperature is far below 0 oC (32 oF), but it feels much colder due to the wind chill effect. Brrr. He is cold to the bone.                                                                                                                                                                                          Indoors it isn’t even better. While walking to his home office, he glances at the thermostat in the living room. 10 oC (50 oF), gosh. It is bl….y cold in the house; it will be in his office too.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Jessica, his wife, left just after him early this morning and must have set the thermostat at ‘green level’, as she usually calls her routine. Necessary to save the world. Harry knows that that is not the real reason.                                                                                                                                                                          He enters his office, and the cold atmosphere makes him shiver. Intense chagrin takes hold of him. His workload will not be finished this afternoon and evening. Even if he turns up the thermostat, his office with the numerous bookcases, file cabinets and other furniture will not get enough time to get heated comfortably. And due to the chilly ambience, his production strikes dead. This kind of low temperature is sheer misery.

Sometimes he flees his office and works in the warm library nearby, but today he needs instant access to many a construction drawing. Stuck in the coldness he is.

Harry and Jessica have different body temperature regimes. Jessica always liked it cool indoors, and even more, now menopause has kicked in. A nasty transition that physical state is for her. One that doesn’t make things better.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Harry was better to have been born in the tropics. He is always cold, either summer or winter and in between. His winter period starts in August and ends in June. For him, there are only two summer months.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The thermostat setting is a never-ending subject of conflict between them. Harry’s office work suffers from it. His ‘home’ feeling in his house is slowly but surely deteriorating, and he is at a point of not wanting to live anymore in their house. Due to their completely different physical conditions, discussing a solution does not work. On the contrary, the temperature gap appears to become unbridgeable. 

The issue here is a matter of difference in thermal comfort. With its surrounding floor, ceiling walls, furnishings, and furniture, books, and accessories, a space represents a so-called thermal mass. The more of that mass, the longer it takes to heat it or cool it down.

When a room has a heavy thermal mass, it could take over 6 hours to show a perceptible temperature difference.

The air in the room might be light and quite quickly reaches a temperature change. The surrounding mass can’t follow that speed and keeps (in a winter situation) radiating from its cold surface.

And the body picks up that cold thermal radiation, making the person feel cold, while the air temperature is, say, 20 oC (68 oF). Especially people who are thermally highly sensitive suffer from this discomfort. 

                                                                                                                                                                    This may explain the different perceptions of temperature, but it does not bridge the gap between Harry and Jessica. By the way, in most of these kinds of situations, men feel warm quite quickly, take off their jackets etc., while women are the ones who find it cold.

Jessica does not want to give in and keeps complaining and fiddling with the thermostat until she is satisfied. Harry, on the other hand, has a disadvantage.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          When just relaxing, he might feel slightly better when wearing more layers of clothes, but when working and sitting still behind his desk, his hands are cold, so is his neck, and those sensitive areas give him the discomfort he so profoundly hates.

Can a thermostat kill a loving partnership? The thermostat is just an instrument in someone’s hands. It follows the human command. So, the answer is NO.

Thermal conflict, however, can certainly be a partnership breaker or cause at least a lifetime of misery. Prevent that from happening.

This topic does not appear on anyone’s ‘regular’ list of traits of the other person. In the Devil’s List of Traits© (DLT)© however, the Unique Life Creator’s checklist of Partnership Worthiness, which a (future) partner is expected to comply with, thermal conflict is a prominent topic.

Back to real life: Partnership Mystery Unveiled.  Click below. 

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             Relationship              Worthiness Check©

Periodically check which people from your relationship circles contribute to your life, to where you want to go in life, to what you want to achieve, and to how you want to live.                                                                In short, think about whether these people are still worthy of a relationship with you. The Relationship Worthiness Check©, based on my concept of Circles of Influence©, offers you a quick order of your thoughts and good filtering out of those who are not (or no longer) a relationship worthy.  

Destination Plan A

Vision Board©

Is the "destination" of your life - where you want to end up in life - an invisible hand from the universe giving you direction? You might wonder.

Isn't it more exciting and fun if you want to get the best out of life for yourself and delve into what life fulfilment (often work) best matches your qualities and dreams? And where to find it? And to achieve it in the end?      

         Toe-in-the-Water©         Plan

The Toe-in-the-Water© Plan is meant for you as a Mentee and me as Mentor to get acquainted,  exchange procedural information, explain what Consultancy in reality means, and what key issues the mentee wishes to shed a light on, and develop together a Consultancy scheme. All in a confidential personal setting.                 Important is that you and I feel some personal connection and trust and get convinced that further contacts could develop fruitfully.