Sept 2022


Good day to you. I got up this morning after a night with little sleep. Excitement kept and still keeps me in its grip.       I am walking around with theBigSmile. Why?

TODAY I’ve launched my new international (English) website, The Unique Life Creator, with fresh content wrapped in a completely new design and resources.

It’s been quite a birth with all the pressure and pains that come with it, but finally, finally, my beautiful new baby is here now. I’m sure you’ll like it.

Whenever there was a lack of time to work on this. Whenever I felt like accomplishing it is a bit far ahead of me, I never stopped moving forward. There was never a NO for me. To me NO means Next Opportunity, so it would be a waste of time not to help people enhance their vitality and workforce and rest on my laurels.

Oh, yes! Let me introduce myself. I am Nelleke Scholten, an internationally trusted confidant, guide, mentor, coach, trainer, and educator living in and operating from The Netherlands. My services are focused on people who, for whatever reason, got stuck in life and need a new direction or life fulfillment, in short, a new future and everything related to it.

Instead of being treated with the regular baby shower, I would be immensely thrilled by a post-baby bash, which I dream of as a worldwide buzz about my new website and, better, about my services. 

Please contribute to my happiness and spread the word to your family, friends, neighbours, baker, butcher, hairdresser, banker, and everybody you know who could benefit from learning about me. Please spread the word and my URL 

Thank you so much.

Warm greetings,

Nelleke Scholten


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