Have you programmed Valentine’s Day and your Wedding day in your phone’s organiser app? What do you say? You don’t need to do that. Your memory is still good enough, is it? Brilliant. Well done, old sport. Really hope you don’t forget. 

Nevertheless, I suggest you put these dates on your phone. Do set the alerts too, and not be too late for whatever you plan to pamper your better half with.

But haven’t you forgotten to enter today? Yes, nearly too late. Sorry. Wasn’t it during your wedding that you promised your partner your full and unconditional love 24/7? You did! Well, that is today, my friend. 

Not with me yet? Do I have to spell it out for you?

For heaven’s sake, this is only a reminder.

Now then, time for a strong, surprising move. Quickly that is. Whatever you can come up with. 

Flowers from the filling station? A poor box of chocolate from the supermarket? A pair of Happy Socks? An impersonal ‘nice’ scent, maybe. Wow, you’ll undoubtedly make a great impression with such gifts. Your better half will be blown away. 

I challenge you! Turn around. Make an effort, you don't have to wait until Valentine's day. Act out of the box. Spare no expense to show from the heart what full and unconditional love means to you! Better even, write a love letter, handwritten! Pour out what is in your heart and use poetic language. Be creative. At least do your very, very best. Such efforts reach the heart, be sure of it.

And ladies, it also applies to you!!! Make an effort.

You’re not too late yet. Next year, set your alerts and be on time. Promise? Happy evening …… !

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