Consultancy Plan

Lifestyle. The briefest explanation is ‘the way of living’. Are you, like almost everybody, secretly or openly longing for a long and happy life? Then you are the only one to influence your well-being positively. Yes, you! It is just a matter of taking great care of yourself. That’s all.

Ah, yes, I can hear your complaints before you even have said a word. I’m with you.

I’ve expressed them many times. Softly or loudly. ‘It’s so very tough!’ Getting enough and proper sleep, eating healthily and regularly, exercising consequently, controlling weight, and controlling your guilty pleasures, such as smoking, drinking, and eating for comfort or boredom. Also being kind, participating, or enjoying social or cultural activities. On top of it: do something crazy now and again.

The shadow of a smelling gym, rabbit food, and drinking water only is hanging over you. The not-so-nice ascetic life is frightening you.

Watch the video below and let me know how you really are. You can do that by filling in the contact form.  


How are You?