Consultancy Plan

As is the case in almost all people's life, circumstances and you change. Either you adapt to external influences or seek a way out. Even if you live a new life satisfactorily after attending Consultancy sessions and facing the challenges of the day, a periodical mental maintenance enables you to continue your life enhancement.

I am your critical and stimulating audience, your accountability partner, to support you to get to the next level. Just exchange your experiences and insights, plans and dreams with me or anything else you want to share, and let me shine my light on it. Consider these contact moments as mental water treading and me as a propulsive power to support you to either progress forward and/or change direction.

The Water Treading Plans, The Unique Life Creator’s Individual Support Plans, are meant for you as a Mentee to stay connected and for me to encourage and support you on your journey. When you have finished one or more of my Consultancy Plans, you have made steps forward for yourself. After completing training, consultancy, or mentoring, you often stay focused on the topic for a while, and then we see the focus fade away slowly or even fast. Why is that? Well, this is quite normal as daily life takes over our time and attention very quickly, and although we like to proceed with what we've started, we lose control. Often intentions are still there, and I have seen people become frustrated and give up on what they had begun. That is sad, particularly when you have invested time and money in something that would help you forward.

Convinced that knowing what to do even in uncertain situations is power instead of the literal meaning of 'keep your head above water and not getting anywhere, not making any progress'.

The Water Treading Plans are designed to give you the support to train your mind and get the firm belief that you can keep moving forward stroke by stroke to finish what you have started instead of just pausing, which could end up in giving up. It would be best if you kept heading toward what's essential to get your intended results.

The Purpose

Our periodical remote rendezvous sessions can be seen as an oasis in a barren world in which to simmer down and rethink what you are doing and where you stand in life.   

Two times a year is usually sufficient to check for confirmation or adaptation of your life’s course. It is an affordable way to stay on track and reach your desired destination and goals.   

€ 397 Yearly (Introductory price)

Water Treading Plan A

A follow-up twice a year after one of my minor plans and not too complicated emerged issues is a comfortable possibility for you to hold your developments and progress against my professional opinion and guidance and keep yourself on track. 
€ 197 Monthly (Introductory price) 

Water Treading Plan B

If drastic measures of a certain magnitude have resulted from one of my major plans, a more frequent professional backup is advisable to keep you on track. Experience shows that letting me hold a finger on the pulse (looking back and forward with you and adjusting course if necessary), a reassuring frequency of once a month is highly appreciated by clients.