When you have finished one or more of my Consultancy Plans, you have made steps forward for yourself. Often after finishing training, consultancy, or mentoring we stay focused on the topic for a while, and then we see the focus fade away slowly or even fast. Why is that? Well, this is quite normal as daily life takes over our time and attention very quickly and although we like to proceed with what we've started, we lose a bit of control over our time and actions. Often intentions are still there and I have seen people become a bit frustrated and gave up on what they had started. That is sad of course, especially when you have invested time and money in something that would help you forward.

I am your critical but also stimulating audience, your accountability partner, to support you to get to the next level. Just exchange your experiences and insights, your plans and dreams with me, or anything else you want to share, and let me shine my light on it. Consider these contact moments as mental water treading and me as a propulsive power to support you to either make progress forward and/or change direction. 

The Water Treading Plan B, one of The Unique Life Creator’s periodical individual support plans is meant for you as a Mentee to stay connected and for me to encourage and support you on your journey. This plan is designed to give you the support to train your mind and get the firm belief that you can keep moving forward step by step to finish what you have started instead of only pausing.

The plan is easy and simple to follow. It doesn't replace any of the plans and is only meant to keep you focused on what you have started and on what is important to get your results


Water Treading Plan B, which is one of The Unique Life Creator’s periodical individual support plans, has been set up to give follow-up support after finishing some of the major plans.                                                                                                                       

It doesn't replace any of the plans and is only meant to keep you focused on what you have started.

Starting Points

  • When you are ready, you seek contact with me via e-mail to make a video-call appointment within a couple of weeks 

Personal contact 


  • A one-to-one 50 minutes video-call session  

Your Benefits

  • Monthly support and encouragement from a professional expert you can count on
  • Raising more awareness and focusing on your desires
  • The steps you've already taken with one or more of our plans will be analysed 
  • You will learn, what further steps you can take        
  • Prospect of life-enhancement

How we communicate

Due to the personal character of the sessions, video-communication is inevitable; the non-verbal aspect of the communication is not neglected.  We use supportive visual tools by screen sharing and user-friendly and safe online communication platform. Our communication is confidential, private and secure.

€ 197 * per month (introductory price) 


* (21% VAT incl.)