Consultancy Plan

The Toe-in-the-Water Consultancy Plan is meant for you as a Mentee and me as Mentor to get acquainted. To exchange procedural information, to explain what Consultancy, in reality, means, what key issues you as the mentee wishes to shed light on and to develop together a Consultancy scheme. All in a confidential personal setting.

Important is that you and I feel some personal connection and trust and get convinced that further contacts could develop fruitfully. Based on this experience, you can decide to jump into the Consultancy-waters with confidence.

The Purpose

The purpose of this Toe-in-the-Water Plan© is getting acquainted and laying a foundation of mutual trust by discussing your life's major issues that concern you.

Starting Point

When you are ready, you seek contact with me via e-mail to make a video-call appointment within a couple of weeks after the purchase of the Plan.

Personal contact

  • A one-to-one video-call session of 50 minutes
  • At the end of the session, we find out if there is a desire and need for a follow-up 

Your Benefits

  • Feel free and trusted to bring up everything that is important to you  
  • Raising awareness about your concerns 
  • Prospect of life-enhancement
  • Guidance of a professional expert

How we communicate

Due to the personal character of the sessions, video communication is inevitable; the non-verbal aspect of the communication is not neglected. We use supportive visual tools by screen sharing and a user-friendly and safe online communication platform. Our communication is confidential, private and secure.

€ 297
€ 197* (Introductory price)   


Let's get acquainted!

* (21% VAT incl.)