Maybe you have gone through a lot in life. Perhaps you would like to live your life differently, you have a desire, a dream, but somehow you do not seem able to change it.

Maybe you are in the rat race of life, and you keep running and running to get all your bills paid in time and keep your employer, your customers, employees (when you are a business owner), your friends, and your family happy. Exhausting, isn’t it? 

But what about you? You’ll probably say: “I’ll manage, it’s ok, no energy left to change anything”. But are you truly honest about that? What is that little voice in your head telling you? I can almost hear you answering that question. “I so much wish I could live the life I desire but……

You would rather not think about what could happen if you step out of that rat race and start working towards a happy and healthy life. A life you desire, one you dreamed of, maybe. Less stress and more valuable time with people close to you.                               

Many Beliefs start popping up in your head. “I can’t take the risk to change things now. Where does the money come from? After I change things, there is no guarantee that my life will improve. I took some training that promised me to reach my dreams and goals in life effortlessly, but it didn’t do the job for me apart from the fact that it cost me a lot of money”, and so on.

For many years I believed I could quickly change my life for the better, and many programs and training promised a lot of happiness and independence.

I enrolled in several expensive training programs, national and international, read books, and became part of different communities. I felt great by taking that step toward the life I aimed for.

After I’d finished training about a topic like independence and freedom, which promised a lot after finishing it, my wake-up call was that the promises do not always come true.

Over the years, I’d invested a lot of money and time learning about the how-to in life. I learned a lot and met many great people. But still, I had to make it fit for me.

Although my focus was good, and I was determined, it took me a lot of searching for the right training programs that were affordable and suitable for what I needed because none of these training programs offered a holistic approach.

In the meantime, I tried to balance work, family life, friends, and staying healthy. Finally, I found what I was looking for but in a different way.  

The thought came to me that it should not take too long to find out which training would bring me where I wanted to be.

Everything you do influences different parts of your life. For example, if you are stressed about your finances, your health, wellbeing, relationship or partnership, social life, and so on are seriously affected. When you are unhappy in your partnership or marriage, and divorce is unavoidable, the misery that comes with it affects your entire life and those who live with you. Not in the least, your health suffers badly for sure.

So why extensively search what fits you best? Why not have one system that looks into all aspects of your life in a balanced way and filters out what needs improvement, enhancement, or change.

If your ideas for your future dreams or problems are overwhelming, if you are stuck and don’t know how to proceed, there is always a complex of obstacles that make you stumble or fall. It is hardly ever a single factor that makes life difficult for you.

Put knowledge and insights on your side. The Unique Life Creator Star Plan, a purely individual and professional approach, is designed to look at all aspects of your life concerning Independence, Connections, and Lifestyle or Way of Life. It brings deeper issues to the surface and places them in the context of other conditions.

Experience has shown that blockages stopping you from moving forward can be found and solved during this Star Plan. So, create a unique new life; start your journey to a new destiny. Why wait? There is no reason to delay.



The purpose of The Unique Life Creator's tailored Star Plan© is to investigate and discuss your life's major issues that concern you and that keeps you away from taking steps forward. Sketching and addressing emerging specific issues that need improvement.   

Starting Points

  • The Plan's starting points will be outlined in my proposal

Personal contact 

  • Multiple video-call sessions of 50 minutes and e-mail contacts as described in my proposal. 

Your Benefits

  • A tailored holistic approach suited only to your needs   
  • Unique insights into your future opportunities 
  • The route to your unique new life 
  • Prospect of vitality-enhancement
  • Guidance of a professional expert


  • My book 'Unique Life Creator - 3 Steps to Your Health, Wealth and Happiness' 

How we communicate

Due to the personal character of the sessions, video-communication is inevitable; the non-verbal aspect of the communication is not neglected.  We use supportive visual tools by screen sharing and user-friendly and safe online communication platform. Our communication is confidential, private and secure.


A holistic approach to life's matters. Coherent attention to Independence, Connection, and Lifestyle.  The best you can get!