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Much of whom and what you are depends on the people around you. Whoever you are, there is always a circle of people around you. People in the present, close to you or further away, but people from the past too.

Parents, brothers or sisters, in-laws, partners, children, neighbours, fellow residents, employers, colleagues, business partners and associates, dog walking acquaintances, friends, acquaintances, business, suppliers, shop staff, and many others with whom you stay in touch. And they are the ones who influence your life. And influence theirs. It is like a solar system, in which planets circle the sun (You) and affect you.

Then the strength of one or more relationships increases, and this is an invisible and virtually imperceptible process. It could put such pressure on your life that it makes you unhappy. You probably become a different person due to the pressure, which is not what you should want.

Time after time, I come across a situation in which relationships from the (far) past keep a person in his/her grip.

You can make as many lifestyle improvement efforts as you like, if, what I call, your Unique Circles of Influence© are put off balance, tangible improvements in the bigger picture can hardly be noticed. And not only be noticed, just think about the impact it can have on you.

At some point in your life, you have so many relations that you have to (re)evaluate what each and every one of them contributes to your life. Based on my concept ‘The circles of Influence’, I offer a program and tools to help you sort this part of your life out. See below. I have not yet mentioned here two other kinds of relationships.

In the life of entrepreneurs, there are business relationships in various forms. These are outside the scope of my activities and remain undiscussed.

Of no minor importance are the romantic relationships advancing in partnerships, being of close or intimate nature, and playing a vital role in human life. I have categorised these as a particular topic: ‘Relationships – Partnerships’. click here

Nevertheless, all these people in your social circles can be seen as ‘Influencers’, who have more or less influence on who you are, what you do and how you stand in life.

Relationships change over time, and it is wise to manage relationships in light of these changes. The result is that you allow yourself to get rid of (potentially) toxic influences. It’s a periodical cleanout or reprioritising for you to remain sane and free from unwanted burdens.

Valuable relationships should be cherished and tended. The latter part is the secret of harmony with those you hold in high esteem. It means effort and attention. Like plants, relationships flourish and bloom when adequately cared for. But care is a small price of what you can expect to get back. Laziness, though, makes relationships fail sooner or later.

One thing is worth mentioning. Depending on your personality, you may be disappointed with how little people seem to give back while you invest actively in the relationship. That is what my Relationship Worthiness Check (RWC) answers. See Orange Paper OP-5-E, Food Processor Destination.

What does a Food processor have to do with a relationship? Why are relationships not subjected to a worthiness test like our cars? In 21 pages of this interesting background information, you'll find out what this Orange Paper is about. The Food Processor Destination and Relationship Worthiness!  

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In a very effective way, you will discover the state of your relationships and what you can do to put these in order. What your Circles of Influence© are worth, and how to prioritise them.

Let me be your guide in this. Remote, easy and effective.

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Relationship Worthiness Check

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