Online masterclasses

get yourself educated 

Sometimes I wished I were Harry Potter. Rather that I possessed his Magic Wand. And could fulfil your wishes and dreams instantly in a simple movement. A Broom? Yes, I have one.


But we don’t live in a fairy tale, do we? One way or the other it means work, a major challenge to get where we want to be. In this case where you want to be.

The Mentoring MasterClasses offer you the opportunity to work on your own course of life and future destination under my Mentorship. Apart from the exchange of life enhancement skills during the sessions, there are several nice and surprising exercises to be done collectively. Discover that it is you hold and move your magic wand.

If 1:1 Personal Consultancy is a bridge too far for you at this moment, for sure you will benefit from my Mentoring MasterClasses. It is a one-to-many concept of group-communication for training and information, with an online audience only. It is real-time, interactive, with active participants, you and others, having the possibility to communicate with me, the Presenter, and with each other.


Mentoring MasterClasses offer the top level exchange of life enhancement skills in a compact form, in which one of the participants in turn can be the center of attention concerning a certain topic or all participants can take part in workshop like activities, all under my leadership and Mentor supervision and interaction. 

You gain insights from my information and explanations and from self-activity, which brings along a little homework for yourself regarding your own future.  

Altogether it is a designed and condensed version of the 1:1 Personal Consutancy; and of course it is a group affair to make it more affordable. That does not reverse the fact that effectiveness is the core objective here too.


Are you ready to let a new fire inside you thaw your frozen life and jump forward into a new unique life? Check this page regularly, there are Master Classes to come.  

Looking forward to see you in one of the Master classes in the near future.