(Neuro Linguistic Programming)     

‘What you wish done to yourself, do to others’

It's that simple. This is the uncompromising and unconditional norm for all areas of life: families, communities, races, nations and religions.

A question: how do you respond to what happens in your life, and how can you do it differently? How can you improve your response and make it more effective?

Some of life's issues you face take months, sometimes years, to be resolved in the classical therapeutic way.

Inner obstacles can make it challenging to achieve your personal goals. What you excel at can be hindered. What are your perspectives in terms of time in those cases?

Years ago, people experienced in NLP crossed my path. Very successful people who, in my open-minded perception, are no-nonsense people, legs-on-the-ground, straightforward and earnest.

My interest in NLP developed, and I discovered an exciting world of human behaviour and skills and the human search for success.

Originally, NLP originated from two questions, which arose when successful people with extraordinary qualities and skills were the subject of research

* What makes some (psycho)therapists achieve better and faster results than others?

* What lies behind the success of these therapists, and how can others put these approaches into practice?

The study included analyses aimed at determining which thought patterns, emotions, and behaviour lead to success and which do not. Which hidden strategies motivate us, stimulate our creativity and make us think about opportunities or failures?

You understand by now that there is a time factor involved in effectiveness and results, and that is where NLP comes in against the conventional world of scientists and practitioners.

Does NLP make a difference, or is there a placebo effect? These questions prevail everywhere and can lead to endless discussions. One thing is sure, there are successes and failures in NLP. And how is that different from the conventional therapeutic world? Only when certified coaches practise it in the right way with the right intentions.

For me, NLP is a process, a tool to help people overcome old, painful anchors that somehow, sometime in life, entered their emotional and neuro system.

It can unconsciously light up every time there is a similar experience, a similar smell, sound or form of connection which refers right away to that experience. I am sure you'll have these anchors also. Every one of us has them. Many people come to me and don't even know this exists, whilst something is bothering them, holding them back from moving forward and feel free.


World View is someone's frame of mind and understanding of the reality and meaning of life.

Are you aware that the other has his or her worldview, with own beliefs and experiences?

But, ……. who is correct? Which worldview is correct?

No worldview is inadequate!!!!     ‘Everyone’s truth is THE TRUTH!’