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The Unique Life Creator

My own life and the lives of others around me have been the inspiration behind the development of The Unique Life Creator.

I am Nelleke Scholten, I have a whole life behind me and before me, if it is given to me. I live in the Netherlands and have an office in Amersfoort.

As a former entrepreneur and manager living in a family with a husband and daughter, my loved ones and I have not been spared trials and tribulations of all kinds. I have also seen similar disturbances of a peaceful and happy life in others.

First, my family and I have also benefited from a great deal of love, happiness and friendship, core values that ultimately make material concerns pale insignificance. I saw that we were able to give our lives a different turn by not throwing in the towel. By not only creating new plans and choosing a new direction but also carrying out those plans in that direction. And by persevering in our efforts to maintain control over our lives or to take it back where necessary. And that it takes time to achieve your goals and that this requires patience and resilience.

Becoming wise through trial and error is certainly not to be rejected as a life enhancer. Still, it is relatively passive and uncertain. Through studies, I deepened my understanding of the mechanisms that allow you to face trial and error and create a new successful life. It has led me to publish my acquired insights in my book Unique Life Creator©, 3 Steps to Your Health, Wealth and Happiness. Also available in Dutch.

During my studies, I came into contact with the prominent Indian physician, Ayurvedacharya Dr. Partap Singh Chauhan, who specialised in authentic Ayurveda, the five-thousand-year-old holistic Science of Life, based on the body's innate ability to heal itself. Above all, it is a way of life that helps people gain insight into the functioning of their body, mind, senses and soul to develop a better Way of Life and lead a more powerful life of their own.

This doctor, who is my teacher and with whom I have a good relationship for over 20 years, opened a new world to me. The insights from Ayurveda so enriched my own experiences. And opened up so many possibilities for life enhancement that I decided to incorporate them into my system and into my book.

Also, I kept asking myself why one person behaves in a certain way during adversity and another one in a completely different way in the same circumstances. Why does one person successfully extricate himself from the setback and the other not? What is the best way to cope with adversity or a deadlocked situation?

I was unexpectedly introduced to an experienced trainer of NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a (pseudo) science that is precisely the area of my interest. Here another world opened up for me.

I am neither an Ayurveda nor an NLP specialist or practitioner, nor do I want to present myself as such. What I have done, however, is bring together the best insights from different worlds in my system of activity. This, combined with my own life and work experiences related to my studies in those fields and those of others, enables me to offer a unique helping hand to people who have become stuck.

So when writing my book, I didn't want to leave it at that. From my experience, I know how nice it is when someone has compassion and trust in you and gives you a helping hand when you need it the most ("Before you cross the street, take my hand"; John Lennon).

As a trusted confidant, guide, mentor, coach, trainer, author, and educator, I now offer you my non-traditional services. I listen to YOUR story and determine together with you the desired goals based on what you want and think you need in your life. I can go even further and guide you in and hold you accountable (accountability principle) for actually achieving those goals.

Unique Life Creator, 3 Steps to Your Health, Wealth and Happiness

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