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I was sitting alone on the couch, doing nothing for a while. I told myself a good joke, and we both laughed heartily.

I bet it's hard for you, loving YOURSELF. Being with yourself. Loving your partner, your children, your parents, brother(s) and sister(s), your dog, your cat, and you name it, yes, that is pretty easy. Well, maybe so. But loving yourself? Have you ever thought about it?

I want to dwell on that question. I also know it is not easy to love all those around you. At least not to the same degree. Life and love are not about roses. But self-love, self-compassion and a positive self-image are at the root of health and happiness. No lifestyle will bring success if you don't care about yourself.

Regarding loving yourself, I am not referring here to selfishness or narcissism.

Those are personality disorders, meaning on the one hand, a great sense of self-importance and a craving for admiration and, on the other hand, an extreme understanding of inferiority and insecurity.

I do refer to not taking yourself too seriously, allowing self-mockery, being able to laugh at yourself, being able to self-criticize, but also believing in yourself and much more.

You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t set the bar for yourself unattainably high. Because if you do, you will go through life frustrated. A lasting change, an improvement of your way of life, is then an impossible task. However you define lifestyle, it all starts with the fact that you care enough about yourself and don't neglect yourself. In that neglect lurks the possibility of failure.

If you want to improve your lifestyle, don't fall into the trap of the much-praised guru activities that promise you golden results (lose weight in two months or so). Their business model is to get as much of your money into their bank account as possible.

Keep your wits about you and just start doing small, easy things, the results of which are within your reach: a way of life that suits you and keeps your body, mind and soul balanced and happy.

It doesn't have to involve considerable costs and sacrifices. Learn about the secrets and easy ways to transform into a healthy and wealthy way of life which will make you happy. You will see that you will have fun with it and get better and better results.

And when you're happy, you will send out the beautiful positive energy that comes with it.

Key factors: focus, persistence, self compassion and giving others your kindness and your BigSmile.

To begin, I'll mention one of those things: kindness, part of self-compassion.

Every day in the neighbourhood, I walk past a house across the street, where an old, seemingly sullen lady lives. She lives by herself. Her husband passed away some time ago. Often I don't see her out front; she seems to spend most of her time in her back room.                                                                   

One day she was standing at the front looking out the window when I passed by, and on an impulse, I waved at her. I can still see the BIG SMILE on her face as she waved back. It gave me a very warm feeling, that little moment. I am still surprised by her spontaneous happy response.

Easy to start with, isn't it, and even better, it's free!! You can be kind to others, say hello, wave or give a Big Smile. The effect is huge!

Of course, this is not all there is to say about Lifestyle or the Way of Life. Visit this website regularly. You will find interesting new items in blogs, Orange Papers or new specialities. Lifestyle - Way of Life is not only about being kind or friendly.