Consultancy Plan

The focus is only on you during mentoring sessions; how nice is that? Session content entirely fits your needs, expectations and desires. I use techniques and supportive tools from the Ayurveda Science (Way) of Life and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programm.) for a holistic exploration of your issues and concerns. To help you shake off your burdens and travelling light (mentally). Experience, knowledge and wisdom of my life, professional as well as personal, are fully available to you.

My walking with you on the virtual road and guiding you to your new future. Letting you find your way. If the plan is desired to be continued, your (may be changed) issues and concerns can be deepened further.


                                                             Jump into the Consultancy waters fearlessly!

The Purpose

You want to ‘renovate’ your life one way or the other, won’t you? No subject has to be left undiscussed, but that is up to you. My task is to professionally guide you through a process of critical self-reflection to bring your most relevant and maybe deeper themes to the surface. Your anticipated goals will be assessed and determined. From there on we can find out together how to proceed further. A wealth of my knowledge, experiences, and wisdom is at your disposal, but you can expect me as a Mentor to take the initiative and offer guidance when needed.

My approach is quite simple: I treat you as I prefer to be treated myself. I try to put myself in your shoes and consider what the best support for you would be. In that respect, I also offer you my knowledge and insights and use mentoring instruments from my Ayurveda and NLP studies and experiences. It is explicitly not my working method to let our cooperation immerse in those pearls of wisdom, but only to let it help us make progress quicker and more effectively.

The last one of the sessions will be a summarizing one during which we look back and evaluate to what extent you have reached your goals.

Again, it is all about you; I am subservient to you.

Jump & Swim Plan

jump and swim