Heavy Backpack Check - What's the Matter? 

Sometimes you don’t feel the heaviness of it. Until you feel the weight of its take-off. I’m talking about your collected concerns crammed into your life’s monstrous backpack.

In fact, you want to travel light, but you keep feeding your hungry, greedy, all-devouring backpack with your own and someone else’s concerns. Over time, it gets heavier and heavier.

Away with mental waste! Muck out the backpack that you almost collapse under and find relief with the assistance of the Mental Waste Professional.


The purpose of this check is to raise awareness of your heavy backpack's content and to establish what is important to clean up and relieve you from its weight. 

Starting Points

  • You receive the free Orange Checklist OC-105-E 'What's the Matter'
  • Tick in this indicative checklist the symptoms that effect your life.
  • When you are ready, you seek contact with me via e-mail to make a video-call appointment.

Personal contact 

  • Two one-to-one video-call sessions of 50 minutes each 
  • First call: about the What's the Matter Checklist©; discussing process and your five most pressing issues
  • Appointment second call
  • Second Call; discussing the emerging three top pressing issues 
  • Conclusion

Your Benefits

  • Clear insight in what dominates your life at the moment 
  • The sole focus lies on your life and your empowerment
  • Guidance of a professional expert

 Your Bonus

    • My digital Orange Checklist OC-105-E 'What's the Matter'

How we communicate

Due to the personal character of the sessions, video communication is inevitable; the non-verbal aspect of the communication is not neglected.  We use supportive visual tools by screen sharing and a user-friendly and safe online communication platform. Our communication is confidential, private, and secure.

€ 497 *

€ 397 * (Introductory price) 

Heavy Backpack Check - What's the matter?

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