Who likes them? Who reads them? Nevertheless, Terms of Service are inevitable. They contain the rights and obligations of both you as a client and me, The Unique Life Creator.

It creates clarity for both parties and prevents legal discussions in the future. It is recommended to read them anyway.

The Unique Life Creator has Terms in two parts:

PART 1, Terms of Service, for the delivery of services and goods


PART 2, Profession Notice, for my professional conduct.

These Terms have been laid down in Orange Paper F-1E, Terms of Service.

The compilation of both parts can be read and downloaded too.

When a new version is published, the validity of all previous versions lapses.



The Unique Life Creator stands for conducting its business honestly and fairly.

This means that it is necessary to search for an amicable solution in good consultation with each other in case of an issue, avoiding legal action. Efforts are made to prevent an exclusively legal or bureaucratic approach.

This approach saves you and The Unique Life Creator a lot of trouble, time and money!

If there is anything you want to bring up, do not hesitate to contact me (info@theuniquelifecreator.com).