Orange Gift Certificate

Make someone Happy with a very Unique and Special Gift!

Sometimes you don't know what to give someone for a birthday or other occasion. What can make someone happy?

A present is about thinking of someone, making an effort to think of something and buying it - with the Internet, nothing is impossible, provided you have taken the time to receive it on time from the supplier -. It sounds like a cliché, but it is about the gesture after all.

That is how you should receive a gift yourself, in gratitude for the effort, however small, that the other person has put into it.

One of my lovely friends came to my birthday and gave me a beautifully wrapped cardboard tube from a toilet roll. With three delicious biscuits inside. She had, she said with a straight face, honestly forgotten my birthday and had cobbled together something herself, because it was just a gesture. We didn't have to be spoiled brats. I still remember the hilarity of the moment. The biscuits were delicious.

For those who can use more vitality in their lives, you might think of giving an Orange Gift Certificate, an amount of your choice.

It can be used to contribute to purchasing one of the Personal Consultancy Plans of  The Unique Life Creator. For example the Relation Worthiness Check RWC or the Destination Plan - Vision Board.  

A few conditions

*  The Orange Gift Certificate can only be used to contribute to a one-on-one Personal Consultation Plan of     The Unique Life Creator. Not on any other purchase!

*  The gift amount is determined by the giver and paid via the website.

*  When ordering, fill in the (first) names of the receiver and the giver.

*  Within 1 working day, you will receive a pdf file via email with the image of the certificate. You can cut it       out and put it in an envelope or wrap it up.

*  The gift certificate expires 6 months after the date of purchase.

*  The certificate cannot be used by anyone other than the recipient.

A gift certificate may not be much fun, but be creative and wrap it in something nice. A toilet roll carton might be a bit on the poor side, but do something personal. That is always appreciated.

Your Benefits

  • Getting the great fulfilment of bringing The Big Smile on recipient's face  
  • Due to your gift, recipient will be able to change something for the good
  • Recipient feels you really care
  • It might start changing your life too

Order your Orange Gift Certificate here

Orange Gift Certificate 25

 By The Unique Life Creator 

 € 25,-

Orange Gift Certificate 50

 By The Unique Life Creator 
€ 50,-

Orange Gift Certificate 100

By The Unique Life Creator 
€ 100,-