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“Where do you want to be in 5 and 10 years?" Chances are that you will be asked that question during a job interview or in a company presentation. Embedded in that question is undoubtedly the question of whether you think you will be successful, make progress, have success. If you don’t show this, your ambitions will not be considered too high. 


Much more interesting are the questions that you can ask yourself: "Does the way I live now, who I think I am now and what I am doing now suit me? Is there perhaps a longing deep inside me for a different life? A life that would make me happier?"

It may well be that you are struggling to answer these questions, but that you are interested in finding out what it is like.  


I offer you the possibility to find out in a short time what your ideal destination in life is and how you could get there not in 5 - 10 years but maybe 1 or 2 years. A destination that most fits your personality. It can be a dream, for example, that you want to mean something to other people, that you want to be a celebrated writer, start a brewery, be a popular vlogger. It can also be an escape from a life that has become bogged down. 

You must find a new destination and take steps to reach it.

Through a Vision Board, I make it possible for you to contemplate and visualise your new destination and the path towards it. I am only your guide and offer you the tools to do that effectively and with joy. I am sure that in a few video sessions and with self-efficacy, a new world will open up for you. That you have the equipment the know-how not only to know your destination but also really get where you want to be.  


This is a really fun way of discovering your future potential and getting a new life destination on your mind.

Remotely, easy and effectively.

From A to X

What are you going to do?

 You can take the first Step right now, right here and start with the 

Destination Plan A - Vision Board©

€ 497

€ 397 * (Introductory price)  


This Destination Plan A - Vision Board©  is  a great kickstart that plots out the route to your exciting (new) destination. It gives clarity, focus, and energy.

*   (21% VAT incl.)        

€ 697

€ 597 * Introductory price  


This Destination Plan B- Vision Board© is a follow up of the kickstart you have made with Plan A.  It is your structured and clear route to your dreamed Destination.  The road to take will become your travel plan. Let your journey begin! You'll be surprised about the results.

*   (21% VAT incl.)        




This Destination Plan C- My Dreamed Destination Plan © covers your structured and clear route to your dreamed Destination, complete with action plans. This will help you to achieve your subgoals step by step to reach your dream destination. We set up a very workable travel plan. Let your amazing journey start here!    


These slides will be slide-able on the live version of your page!
The Vision Board helped me to focus and zoom in to what my heart desires. 
My Vision Board hangs proudly in my room, with some unexpected elements!  I have finished my Business plan. I'm having the greatest time ever! The Vision Board helped me to focus and zoom in to what my heart desires. I am busy with step 2 which is happening miraculously! Even step 3 is on the move!  Jenny
Ms. Nameless
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A stimulus for a further focus on my goals

My Mood (Vision)Board is a stimulus for a further focus on my goals. Max

Ms. Nameless
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