Personal Consultancy

Wouldn't it be great to have somebody somewhere motivating you, offering advice and support and empowering you to foster and direct your actions and development? Or bringing you in touch with reality maybe, makes you rethink your expectations and goals? A critical friend with respect for your feelings. A trusted confidant. A mentor who is there for you, with a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom. Someone to fall back onto in case you need it.

Everyone could do with a mentor, and I would not be surprised if such a figure has been part of your life already. How refreshing would it be when someone professional and unknown looks at the matters of life you are dealing with and shines a light on these different from what you are used to?

Personal Consultancy is a confidential one-to-one remote expertise exchange. It is just you and your learning and development the focus is on. No interference by others. This allows you to address not only matters of the mind but also matters of the heart. Or issues of the home or lifestyle.

It could be scary, but not to worry. You are the only one who holds the reigns. I can only be subservient to you and be your guide. It is up to you which route we travel. Of course, entering into a (remote) relationship with a stranger is no small feat when a high level of trust is involved. But it’s worth the try. That is, if you really long for a new (unique) future.


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Benefits of Personal Consultancy

Always a Holistic Approach

The Unique Life Creator has adopted a holistic approach (very rare in these fragmented professional fields) to enhance people’s vitality and work capacity quickly and effectively.    

Always Time Saving

Thanks to the power of The Unique Life Creator's mentoring concept you don't usually spend longer than three months to make considerable progress. Compare that to conventional counseling procedures. 

Always Tailored Services

You and I will figure out a mentoring set-up and a selection of goals that meet your needs and expectations as closely as possible. You are in charge though. The set-up is flexible.

Always Effective

Mutual openness and direct communication offer you - as a mentee - the best ground for a rewarding cooperation. It requires commitment, focus, and joy from both of us to be effective.

Always Continuity

You may be on the course or roaming in life. Know that there is always a safe harbor to refuel.  Either for short or longer-term support. I'll always be there for you. 

Trust and more

Trust is the prime condition if you enter into a personal consultancy relationship, especially in international contacts, where cultural nuances may play a role. But there is something else. Undoubtedly you are familiar with this undefined personal chemistry where you feel that you connect with the other person, that you ‘hit it off’ with him or her, so to speak. Or not, also possible. I don’t have to tell you that whether or not that happens is almost clear in a second. That is instinct, gut feeling, perception. But as it is with everything, you could be mistaken. There are occasions where the ‘’hit’ comes later.

That is why I offer an affordable small-scale familiarization activity to start a relationship: the ‘Toe-in-the-Water’. To get to know each other a little and to lay a trust foundation before entering a deeper personal consultancy relationship and possible longer commitment.

What people say about the Personal Consultancy 

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It helped me to let go and how to manifest my future
I was amazed at how much action pact your mentoring is. It gave me great insides and helped me to let go of a number of my burdens and how to manifest my future. Thank you for your great gift Nelleke!


Ms. Nameless
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Now I can make big steps forward
Nelleke helped me enormously and gave me all the tools I needed for my personal devellopment. Now I can make big steps forward.


Ms. Nameless
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Availability of Personal Consultancy Plans

Personal Consultancy Plans are available in a restricted number of countries listed here

Amersfoort - Netherlands