Educating  yourself 

Where do you find a centre of learning, a one-stop tap-in-the well for profound knowledge, experience, wisdom and skills concerning life's matters? You found it. It's right here.

When your life is frozen by unhappy stress, burn-out or bore-out, and you are stuck, you have a few choices:

  1. Neglect: do nothing and let the situation exist (poor you)
  • Reflect: gain insights and information to initiate enhancement of your situation
  • Act: engage in a Mentoring Service and allow yourself to be guided out of your situation and into a new direction

You'll understand that under all circumstances, it is wise to examine professional expertise, whether or not you engage in an experienced professional guide or mentor for support.

The Unique Life Academy offers you a wide array of written, spoken or visualized information in a lecturing or interactive personal setting. Based on experiences, this source of information grows and becomes increasingly more attractive.

Inform yourself thoroughly, no matter what. Get to know more about yourself, your response to circumstances and your ability to change. That alone will strengthen you and lay a sound foundation for a successful new and unique future.

Why you should go through all the trouble of studying? Quite simple. Literally, nobody is going to carry you through life. Your life is nothing but your very own responsibility, and so is bringing about a thaw in your frozen situation and your own new unique life.



Are you a skier? Very probably you are. I don't mean snow skiing but word skiing. This is what most of us do when watching our screen.

Screen based work means reading, viewing, and listening, but not in a conventional way. We have become impatient and restless, ever more adept at scanning and skimming over the content, whatever it is. We don't allow ourselves time anymore to comprehend complexity, to perceive feelings and beauty. We communicate in bites.


That is the effect screens have on us. But what about concentration, contemplation and reflection? Are we sacrificing our ability to read and think deeply? Not only that. Will excessive exposure to screen time affect our brain development and functioning negatively in the short and long term?

In this multimedia era, people, especially the youngest of generations, are exposed to a plethora of images, and one might think that visual expressions have replaced text. If we give in to this seemingly unavoidable development, we may find ourselves on a dangerous slippery slope.

I operate internationally, and my working method is unavoidably based on remote screen communication. I am fully aware of the complications that are brought along by e-learning. I pay much attention to the spoken & visual aspects of my productions. Nevertheless, I keep embracing written text and try to have that produced in an attractive and receptive way, so you can enjoy it and will enhance your learning capability.

One last thing that science has proven: we read and learn better from paper than from a screen. No doubt about it. That is why I offer you additionally my publications in a printable version (pdf).


It is YOU who does the learning, so do it smartly and effectively! I'll contribute my part to it.

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